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All Recovery Meetings are based on the idea that there are great benefits to bringing people together from multiple recovery pathways.

An All-Recovery meeting welcomes all who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction and/or support the recovery lifestyle. An All-Recovery meeting is "non -denomination," meaning all pathways to recovery are embraced here.

Before you join an All Recovery Meeting, please remember the following:

  • We ask all participants to honor and respect all pathways to recovery.

  • Please ask if someone is open to receiving feedback before offering it.

  • Listen to understand, not to respond.

  • Bring your whole self to the meeting! 

  • Refrain from using phrases like “you should.” We are here to listen and support, not to tell each other what to do.

  • Meeting facilitators are peers and will be sharing and participating in the meeting.

Support Group
Date/Time: Fridays at 10-11am
Location: Rise Up Recovery - Semper Fidelis Center
507 Vermillion Street

Hastings, MN 55033

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