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Volunteer Highlight: Wilson & Megan

Updated: Jul 25

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! My name is Wilson Vave. I moved to the Hastings area in March, after getting married to Megan. I am a master's student enrolled in the professional writing program at Liberty University. I am also working as a barista at Dunn Brothers in Hastings.

Megan has been living in Hastings since 2012. She went to Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) to study graphic design. She now works for DCTC and Inver Hills Community College as the Content and Graphic Design Coordinator.

How did you two meet?

Through a dating app! We had our first date on February 22, 2020, right before the pandemic. Since everything shut down right when our relationship just getting started, we spent a lot of time driving around different neighborhoods, walking around parks, and reading books. I proposed in December, and we were married by March!

How did you hear about Rise Up Recovery?

I met Chad Neuharth during a Saturday morning men's bible study at New Life Evangelical Free Church. But I learned about Rise Up Recovery from our pastor, the week Chad and Tiffany moved to a new house in May. I had been looking for a volunteering opportunity as a writer but I wasn't sure where to even look. God answered this prayer through Rise Up Recovery. I approached Chad at church after a potluck at the beginning of June. We exchanged numbers, and Tiffany shot me a text a couple of days later.

What do you do at Rise Up Recovery?

I would consider ourselves to be part of the communications team. With Tiffany's help, I started the monthly newsletter, blog posts, and social media accounts. My wife, Megan, gives me feedback on each task I start. She is also working on a new logo for The Grace Project!

What vision do you bring to Rise Up Recovery?

One of my first projects was to recognize and celebrate recovering peers. After three months of interviewing the awesome recovery members in my community, I felt inspired to learn more about the recovering process as an ally. This has led me to two realize that, before God, I am no different from people who have a history with addiction. We are all children of God! The testimonies of Mark, Richie, Eric, and Jen were inspiring and heartwarming. My vision is to bring praise to God through the testimonies of the recovery community, as well as understanding the recovery process as an ally.

How can we become volunteers?

I'm glad you asked! There is a simple request form on the website's volunteer page. Otherwise, you can reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or email. Whether it's a helping hand with The Grace Project or writing blogs for the website, we want to meet with you!

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