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Rise Up Recovery tithes 10% of our revenues, and we use this money to put back into our community and individuals in recovery to increase overall recovery capital. This one-time grant is intended to help individuals in recovery overcome a financial struggle or barrier that would hinder their recovery.

Recovery Capital refers to an individual and community’s available resources they have accessible that assist them in achieving and maintaining sobriety.

This grant can be used for a sober living deposit, car repair so you can get to and from treatment, work, court, etc., and other recovery-related emergent needs. You must demonstrate how this grant will impact your life in recovery. A committee reviews all applications, and awards are granted on a case-by-case basis and dependent upon available funds.

Rise Up Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization; if you or a family member need assistance finding treatment, housing, or any recovery-related support, please reach out.




Please note, this micro grant is for local residents only (Hastings, Cottage Grove and Redwing.) If you have any questions or would like to know if we cover your area, please contact us. The intention is to grow capital within our local community of recovery. 

**Any grants awarded are paid directly to the service provider.


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