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RISE UP Recovery started as a grass-roots nonprofit organization in Hastings, MN. Founder, Tiffany and her husband Chad both in long term recovery began to notice significant gaps with the substance use disorder services available in their community. Tiffany, working as a counselor, and Chad knowing many people in the community experiencing active symptoms; often came up empty handed with people seeking help. The services that support and promote long-term recovery were simply not there. This inspired them through their deep faith and passion for recovery to be a part of the solution. RISE UP Recovery is founded on Christian principles and believes that recovery is possible for everyone. Our aim is to make that a reality within our community. We strive to decrease overall stigma around substance use disorders and give recoverees a voice, hope and the respect every human deserves. We are highly invested in each recoveree and believe in "raising up" leadership as they are able to give back and share the hope and healing they have found on their personal recovery journeys. 

Our History

RISE UP Recovery started when its founder and her husband recognized huge gaps in our community's recovery system. Our area had glaring weaknesses in supporting individuals seeking to obtain recovery services and also individuals working to sustain their recovery progress after receiving treatment services. Our heart is to "do life" with people who are recovering from substance use disorders. It can be a lonely, scary, and difficult road to navigate. We have been on the road of recovery for over 30 years collectively. Along the journey, we each have discovered the abundant life first found in Christ, and second living life free from substance use. Our aim is to support anyone seeking freedom from the devastating grip of substance use disorders while decreasing community, family and personal stigma. Recovery is possible and we're here to support you on your pathway to healing and freedom. 

Mission Statement

Rise Up Recovery provides recovery services that empower people to rise up into a meaningful new life through the development of impactful connections with God, community and self.

"Redeeming Lives; Restoring Dignity"

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where everyone struggling with a substance use disorder is able to enter into recovery,  develop deep meaningful connections, and is treated with dignity and respect in spite of personal weaknesses.

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