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Our Rise Up Recovery Homes offer a compassionate approach with optional faith-based resources. Our housing is GRH-funded (for those who qualify) and MAT-friendly. Participants receive Peer Recovery Support services while staying in our homes. 

Providence House

Hastings, MN

Men's Pre-Treatment (short-term transitional housing) Coming soon

Our vision is to have a housing program that offers individuals support and resources while staying in a recovery-conducive environment as they wait for admission into a treatment program. We provide support and assistance in getting participants into a residential treatment program.

Men's Recovery Housing (post-treatment program)

A place for men who are stabilized in their recovery for 30 days can start their journey. We empower post-treatment men by providing support as they transition towards living independent and productive lives in their communities. The home is staffed 24/7 with certified peer recovery specialists, including resident management, to ensure continual access to recovery support.  

Hope House

Hastings, MN

Women's Recovery Housing (post-treatment program)

A safe and supportive place for women who are stabilized in their recovery for 30 days. Women can fully commit to their recovery journey in a secure and homey environment. Our house has two adorable cats, adding to the uplifting atmosphere of the home.

Women and Child Recovery Housing (post-treatment program)

This home can house two moms with a child 10 years or younger. Mom needs to be stabilized in her recovery for 30 days. Our main objective is to empower women to embrace their journey towards recovery and move forward.

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