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Celebrations at Rise Up Recovery

"Absolutely incredible." "This is truly inspiring." "I could keep bouncing."

"Undoubtedly the most delicious food."

These snippets echo the sentiments shared during the Rise Up Recovery (RUR) Summer Roast Day on August 16, 2023. The event has now etched its place in history as it wrapped up its third successful year, drawing a crowd of over 800 attendees.

We ate 700 pounds of pork for sandwiches, 240 hot dogs, 250 brats, buns, coleslaw, and a variety of other foods.

More than mere festivity, it became a platform for celebrating transformation. Testimonies emerged, underscoring the potency of support during the journey of recovery. From "I was" to "I am," voices resonated with stories of personal growth and overcoming.

Diverse motivations converged by those attending. Some were driven by curiosity, others by the deliberate design of the occasion. Many sought to partake in the jubilation of Rise Up Recovery (RUR).

The essence of the 2023 Summer Roast lay in the community.

Community resilience gauges a community's capacity to effectively deploy its resources in the face of challenges, enduring and rebounding from adversity. For those navigating recovery, particularly in its early stages, cultivating a support network is paramount.

The community serves as a cornerstone for upholding sobriety, sidestepping the clutches of isolation, rediscovering one's identity, and forging connections with kindred spirits who empathize with the journey.

Recovery support services assume the role of guiding individuals into and through care systems, dismantling roadblocks on the path to recovery, sustaining engagement in the process, and fostering holistic lives within self-selected communities. The overarching objective of these services resides in aiding individuals grappling with or seeking liberation from addiction to foster and uphold affirmative social bonds.

RUR's 2023 celebration summer roast pivoted around the community.

RUR saluted those immersed in the throes of recovery.

RUR applauded the families and allies bolstering the voyage to recovery.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible!

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