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Discovering Hope, Building Community, Inspiring Transformation

Community plays a crucial role in recovery, acting as a cornerstone for individuals seeking to overcome substance use disorder. The saying that "the opposite of addiction is connection" underscores the importance of finding a supportive network during the recovery journey. This support system, comprising friends, family, and relationships, offers encouragement, companionship, and understanding throughout the process. Rise Up Recovery stands ready to be the community for the many in recovery.

Engaging with a community is essential for sustaining and enjoying sobriety, preventing feelings of isolation, rediscovering oneself, and connecting with those who share similar experiences. It not only reduces relapse rates but also establishes a vital social network. In this shared environment, the practice of sharing and the assurance that no one must face challenges alone are cultivated.

Peer-supported recovery forms a solid foundation, elevating individuals and forging new connections, particularly after treatment. It addresses post-treatment loneliness and isolation, creating a sense of belonging.

1. Substance-Free Social Events: Rise Up Recovery hosts meaningful substance-free events, celebrating occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Prom Night. These events provide a supportive, fun, shared memory for individuals in recovery. New shared memories can help reduce the impact of trauma and severe memories from an unpleasant past.

2. Peers Who Can Relate: A recovery community offers access to peers facing similar situations, diminishing the isolation that often accompanies life after treatment. Shared experiences facilitate understanding, help navigate challenges, and foster self-discovery.

3. Healthy Lifestyle Changes: Community events, such as bowling, painting, hiking, or volunteering, contribute to holistic recovery by promoting a healthier body and mind. Physical and mental stimulation, along with exposure to shared recovery values, can inspire additional positive lifestyle changes.

4. Accountability and Motivation: A support network significantly reduces the likelihood of relapse by providing accountability. Shared experiences enable individuals to seek advice and insights from others who understand their journey, fostering motivation and vigilance against old behaviors.

5. Chance to Help Others: Joining a recovery community offers the opportunity to help others, a long-term benefit associated with maintaining a substance-free life. Being a mentor or receiving mentorship contributes to the fulfillment of recovery and decreases the risk of relapse. The community becomes a platform for mutual support and growth.

Your continued support of Rise Up Recovery brings you into the community, our community. It takes more than Peer Recovery Specialists. It takes more than meetings, new work, and new events. It takes all of us, together, sharing in the community of lifting others. That’s right. You are our community.

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