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What is Recovery, and Who are the Peer Recovery Support Specialists at RISE UP Recovery?

Recovery, as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), is a transformative journey where individuals work towards enhancing their well-being, leading self-directed lives, and striving to reach their full potential. This definition marks a significant shift in expectations for individuals grappling with mental health and substance use issues.


Before entering a recovery center like Rise Up Recovery, individuals typically find themselves in treatment centers, characterized by a controlled environment that restricts personal freedom and self-directed activities.  Others are needing help navigating the treatment system and some are simply looking for support with the hopes of avoiding having to go through treatment again or at all.


At Rise Up Recovery, participants have either already completed a treatment program and are now prepared to take charge of their own care with the support of peer recovery specialists, are seeking additional information and support in engaging in the recovery process, are struggling with active substance use and seeking additional support, or simply looking for connection and community. Wherever individuals and families are in their recovery journey, Rise Up is able to provide tangible guidance and help.


It's important to note that at Rise Up Recovery, these peer support specialists do not serve as advisors, therapists, religious leaders, problem solvers, or crisis interventionists. Instead, they offer a range of valuable roles: they can connect participants with specific resources, act as mentors, lend a compassionate ear, serve as advocates, provide moral support, assist with education, and help individuals explore answers to questions like "why am I feeling this way?"


Here, at Rise Up Recovery, the participant is firmly in control, learning to harness the power of language to advocate for themselves, adopt a healthier self-image (through positive self-talk), and navigate social systems with clarity and comprehension.


Rise Up Recovery ensures that its peer recovery specialists receive extensive training and ongoing support from Tiffany, the co-founder and Executive Director. The joy experienced by both participants and specialists at Rise Up Recovery stems from daily successes, which contribute to sustainable sobriety and a brighter future.

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